A Few Suggestions


» For a contrast with our high altitude species, how about a stay at REGUA (Guapi-Assu bird Lodge) in the lowlands, before continuing on to stay with us. This would break up your journey from the airport.

» If you want to go to Macae de Cima we can take you there as it would be only a 20 minutes drive at an extra cost.

» We can also drive you to find the Black-and-gold Cotinga (it is on another trail, 10 minutes away).

» When you leave us, and reach the main road, you can proceed to Nova Friburgo and then up to the Pico da Caledonia at 2200m. It means another half hour to 40 minutes on the paved road. The birding will be done walking along the road. You must take your id or passport with you, as the guards at the gates will ask to keep it while you visit the area. Main birds: Gray-winged Cotinga, Diademed Tanager. Normally the mist will roll in at noon, it would be, therefore, a half day trail. For this activity, an extra cost will be charged.

» AREGUA or Guapi-assu - Aregua aregua@terra.com.br
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» Ricardo Parrini – guide to Serra dos Orgãos: www.Birdingrio.com
» Tropical Birding tours – Nick Athanas: nick@tropicalbirding.com
» Neotropical Bird Club – England
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» AVISTAR – A bird watchers Fair in Brazil around July/August