Vale das Taquaras Lodge for Birding in Brazil

Vale das Taquaras in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest – a Bird Watcher’s Paradise.

Vale das Taquaras is a beautiful country lodge with excellent accommodations, nestled in the heart of the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest. Home to a richly diverse ecosystem, it is a popular destination for bird watching trips in Brazil. Our peaceful environment is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway while you explore the regions attractions. Vale das Taquaras is situated in the mountains in Rio Bonito de Cima, among a preserved area, just off Macaé de Cima, a popular birding location.

We can provide an excellent Brazilian guide who knows no English but has other skills to compensate: he knows where the birds are found. He can call them in, either with a call or with a tape recorder, and he is patient.

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