Why is the Atlantic Forest unique for bird-watchers?


         The Atlantic Forest runs north-south in Brazil, always parallel to the coast and the sea. It covers the coastal lowlands and reaches up the mountains, which also run
parallel to the coast, to an altitude of over 2,000m. The forest offers a rich diversity of flora, which in turn is mirrored in the abundant bird life, making the Brazilian Atlantic Forest a
very popular destination for bird-watchers. There are different species of ferns and they all belong to rain forests world wide.

         One of the most exciting things about this forest is the range of different species of flora, growing both at ground level and at different levels of the forest canopy, up to a
height of 40m. These include orchids of all sizes and bromeliads, which grow on the forest trees. The bromeliads flower in brilliant colours, attracting the humming
birds of which the region boasts a large diversity.

         The Amazon forest is far from the Atlantic forest, (Brazil is as big as the USA),and animal life is quite different, therefore a number of endemic species have developed here that are not found in the Amazon.